Worship with us this Holy Week!

Calvary UMC invites you to the following worship opportunities this Holy Week:

  • Holy Thursday, April 1, AND Good Friday, April 2; 7:30 PM on YouTube: link to the service will be emailed the same day (a good reason to get on our worship mailing list!) and will also be posted on our Facebook page.

We will include “anointing with oil” in both services and the Lord’s Supper as part of Holy Thursday. A special blend of Myrrh oil has been created by Karen Ravensbergen, a certified clinical aromatherapist, for the services. The vials of oil are available on a “first request” basis with pick up arranged through Pastor Elaine at (201) 317 5718.

  • EASTER SUNDAY: In Person and YouTube!

“In person” worship in our beautiful sanctuary will take place at 9:30 AM Easter Sunday morning! All CV safety protocols will be practiced for your safety and comfort. Worship will include “Time with the Children” and an Easter Egg Hunt (location dependent upon weather). If you prefer to worship from home, join us at 9:30 AM Easter Sunday morning. Again, the YouTube link will be emailed and posted on Facebook. All our services are archived so you can access them later if needed. “Dare to Dance” is our theme for Easter Sunday and throughout April. Catch a sense of Easter renewal from this trailer!


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